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La Tribune d'Hélios
The first contact with a non-human race was made in Sikelía, a sector of outer border.

The disappearance of a convoy had caused a war between the League of Phoebe and the Hegemony of Amycles, many space battles had already taken place.

Sent by the High Council of Helios, a team from the Interplanetary Institute of Xenobiology led by Professor Natlea Rebexi discovered that the convoy had not been destroyed by one of the belligerents or by pirates, but by an unknown force, Proto Myrmids
Proto Myrmides

The Proto Myrmids struck all over the sector, sparing neither the fleets of the Hegemony of Amycles nor those of the League of Phebe. The ships of both empires were ambushed, and attacks targeted the gravitational portals as well as the planetary defenses of the two mainworlds of Sikelia, Segesta and Syrakoúses.

And suddenly the Proto Myrmids disappeared as they had come, leaving behind them only death and desolation.

Under the impulse of Helios, the League of Phoebe and the Hegemony of Amycles agreed to hide these events in order to prevent a wind of panic. The authorities claimed that a pirate fleet had hijacked an experimental camouflage system from Fendrix's Forge to create confusion and ransom the area. The crews involved in the fighting were quarantined, some being requisitioned to participate in a purge of Sikelía.

The existence of the Proto Myrmids became the best-kept secret in the universe. At least until the creatures struck elsewhere in the universe...

Band of Krakens - Colony S-ALPHA


If official history will remember that the attacks of the Proto Myrmids against the Amyclean and Phoebean fleets were the first contact between these xenos and Humanity, the truth is quite different. Indeed it was the Rebels and the Pirates of Pétrino Frágma, the large asteroid field located in the center of Sikelía, who were the target of the first Proto Myrmides raids a few weeks before the open war between the Hegemony and the League. After fierce battles amidst the asteroids, the stranded of Sikelía barricaded themselves in the free city of Tortuga XIII and later refused the mercenary contracts offered to them by the great empires to fight alongside them. ..

Little is known about the Proto Myrmid race. Professor Natlea Rebexi disappeared after the Sikelía Incident and all information relating to these creatures has been carefully erased by the authorities.
The little data that could be filtered out was about a race living in gravitational waves. Grouped in Colonies, the Proto Myrmids never stray very far from these waves. In fact, their attacks often take place near portals, gravitational shafts and other such anomalies. It is also suspected that it is this proximity to gravitational waves that explains their ability to teleport.
During the battles against the Proto Myrmids in the Sikelía sector, Professor Rebexi was able to identify several types of individuals.

Larvae are creatures the size of an Interceptor. They can be found in the corpses of Proto Myrmids but they can also be produced in large numbers by Leviathans. Of limited intelligence, the Larvae explode at the slightest contact...
Gorgonians are the smallest Proto Myrmids for which scientists are certain to have detected some form of intelligence. They evolve in bands to better harass their prey. Rebexi’s team has been able to identify individuals endowed with feeding tentacles designed to literally pump energy from a vessel or rostrums capable of penetrating the best defences. Some crews have claimed that Gorgonians can weave a cocoon to evolve into a Kraken!
As large as Destroyers, Krakens often form the vanguard of Proto Myrmid colonies.
Equipped with feeding tentacles or rostrums, like Gorgonians, they are particularly tough opponents. And just like the Gorgonians, they seem to be able to weave a cocoon to evolve into an even bigger form: Leviathans!
Leviathans are the greatest Proto Myrmids ever encountered so far.
Although they are as imposing as Cruisers according to Helios' nomenclature, they are not found on the front line. The Gorgons and Krakens are in charge of engaging the enemy while the Leviathans remain in retreat to spit out dozens of Larvae which then drift towards their prey to explode at close range.
As a result of the fighting in the Sikelía sector and because of their great dangerousness, the Leviathans were designated as priority targets by the Phebean and Amyclean Fleet Commanders.

The testimony of several veterans of the fighting in the Sikelia sector reports the presence of a Proto Myrmid even more massive than a Leviathan, however no evidence of the existence of such a creature has been found so far.

One of Professor Rebexi's theories suggests that the Proto Myrmids may be a primitive variant of their species. It is likely that in the future humanity will cross the path of more evolved and even more dangerous individuals!

38 years old - Originally from Cenurn

Graduate of the Academy of Sciences of Helios;
Honorary member of the Phoebean Laboratory of Abhuman Biology and of the Xenobiological Surveillance Committee of Amycles;
Director of Research at the Interplanetary Institute of Xenobiology in Helios;

Current Status: Information classified as confidential.
Professeur  Natlea Rebexi

Over time, the attacks of the Proto Myrmids have struck all over the known galaxy. Information about these raids has been carefully monitored by the authorities, but it has still been possible to identify several different colonies.

A mining installation is attacked by the Proto Myrmids of the Colony S-ALPHA


While waiting for the Fleet Commander publisher to release official rules for the Myrmids, the future alien race of the game, it is possible to play the Proto Myrmids as a count as of already existing factions :
  • The Pirates of Llib Sorg can represent alien creatures whose frigates can explode on contact with the enemy (which can represent the release of Larvae when a Proto Myrmid is destroyed). Llib Sorg's flagship may be a class 4 or 5 Proto Myrmid that is leading the colony and whose death would cause the creatures to retreat. By equipping it with a Vortex Portal, it would also be possible to simulate the teleportation capacity of this race.
  • Another way to represent the Proto Myrmids is to play a classic fleet of class 1 to 3 ships led by Fleet Commander Dun Antar. The special rule of Dun Antar allows you to represent the Larvae released by the corpses of the Proto Myrmids and which launch themselves against their enemies to explode on contact with them.
The miniatures recommended to represent the Proto Myrmids are from the Sa'Vasku Alien Bioships range of Ground Zero Games.

LarvaeFT 701
GorgonFT 704
KrakenFT 706
LéviathanFT 707B
(Unidentified) Class 4FT 709
(Unidentified) Class 5FT 710

Figurines peintes par bob_bob et Geed
Proto Myrmids from the S-BETA colony intercept
an Amyclean fleet in the Sikelía sector